“Alabama Boys”

Hart of Dixie Season 4, Episode 6
Matt Lowe and Rachel Bilson, Hart of Dixie

Hart of Dixie has had more than its fair share of love triangles. Just by episode four of the series, I had already identified three love triangles (Zoe-George-Lemon, Zoe-Wade-George, and George-Lemon-Lavon). Throughout the rest of the series I have counted at least nine different triangles (see diagram below). Though some of them got a little exhausting (primarily Zoe-Wade-George), somehow the show managed to keep many of them fresh. With only a few episodes left the series is starting to pair everyone off with their final choices and this episode really focused on cleaning up some of those lingering triangles and allowing the couples to just be happy.

The main couple that is focused on in this episode is the newest, AnnaBeth and George. Due to Lemon’s not so sneaky set up attempts last episode, they are realizing that there might be a bit of a spark there. However they are both concerned that it won’t end well and considering they live in a small town and are already friends with each others exes, maybe they shouldn’t go down that particular road. Since breaking up with Lemon, George has had a series of bad relationships. AnnaBeth has never really gotten over Lavon. They have known each other forever and know all of each others baggage. But they also don’t like the idea of either dating anyone else. Basically it is a lot of drama wrapped in a Fillmore subplot in order to end with AB and George agreeing to go out with each other and Lemon and Lavon finally getting the green light to be together. I actually didn’t mind this Fillmore subplot since it was used to mostly get these couples squared away. It was fun to see AB and Lavon working together again but this time just as friends. This whole plot was a reminder of the insane love triangles that have happened on this show.

While the other couples are still trying to figure things out, Zoe and Wade find out that they are having a boy. Zoe doesn’t know how to raise a Bama boy and Wade is initially excited until he is confronted with Chet, an arrogant womanizer who is dating Magnolia. Chet is kind of a mini-Wade who even dresses like him. Wade realizes that he doesn’t exactly want his son to take after him in every way. Zoe tries to learn the ways of Alabama men, i.e. hunting, fishing, and taxidermy? Even in the idyllic version of the South portrayed in Hart of Dixie, men are especially tough to raise. There is still a culture of patriarchy and sexism very prevalent in the South and raising a man in that environment is especially challenging. However, seeing Magnolia also reminds them that girls aren’t always easy either. Raising kids is scary in any environment and it’s going to be challenge regardless of the gender, but they will be doing to together and that is what matters. This plot was cute but pretty fluffy to give Zoe and Wade something to do while the other characters really drive the episode.

Finally, Brick’s ex-wife Alice returns somewhat accidentally when her daughter, Scarlett, gets injured at a softball game. Alice tries to avoid Brick but inevitably runs into him but pretends not to know him in front of Scarlett. Later, however, she returns to talk to him and hopes to be forgiven. Brick doesn’t want Magnolia or Lemon to know about her return but it is a small town and Lemon sees her just as she is going to find Lavon. The trauma of Alice leaving their family has been a consistent thread throughout the series. It is part of what brought Lemon and Lavon together in the first place and Brick spent many years waiting for her to return. Now as we approach the end of the series it makes sense to bring this story line full circle. Will they be able to forgive her? Will they want to get to know Scarlett?

This was a fun episode and I was happy that the show seems to have finally settled most of the love triangles. Obviously Zoe and Wade were settled earlier in the season. Now that AnnaBeth has given Lemon her blessing to be with Lavon and she and George are going on a date, all of those seem pretty settled too. Poor Tansy got cheated on by Scooter but she is amazing and will find someone much better. I am also a fan of having Brick and Lemon finally get some closure with Alice. That has been a good thread throughout the whole show that has had a big part in defining their characters. In the first few episodes of the show Brick and Lemon are both kind of the villains but when we learn about Alice leaving them it is the first of their soft sides that we witness. For all of these characters to have truly satisfying endings they need to have more than just love at the end. For Brick and Lemon confronting Alice is one of those other things.

Episode Grade: 7.5/10

Other Thoughts:

  • Zoe recruits Meatball, Tom, and one of the Truitts to teach her the ways of Alabama men. She definitely got a cross section of Bluebell with that group.
  • Meatball has a duck hat that is amazing.
  • The Fillmore subplot is the town bid for hosting the State Championship. Their bid would be better if they co-hosted. Lemon is sent to ask Lavon and he mentions multiple towns he wouldn’t mind co-hosting with including Mobile, Fairhope, and Mussel Shoals…. Mussel Shoals in the northwestern corner of the state and Bluebell in the southeastern. They are approximately 350 miles apart. How could they possibly co-host?
  • Lavon is eventually able to win Gainey over due to the undeniable power of Don Todd.
Hart of Dixie Love Triangles

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