“The Butterstick Tab”

Hart of Dixie Season 4, Episode 7
Wilson Bethel, Hart of Dixie

Something that makes Hart of Dixie rewatches so enjoyable is the satisfying arcs that everyone gets. The first three seasons features everyone’s exploration of what they want. All of their ups and downs and frustrating choices. Then this final short season shows everyone having learned from their mistakes and becoming the best versions of themselves. This episode really highlights that with all three of the major plots and manages to have everyone making good choices. All while still making the episode compelling and fun. As they have all season, Wade and Zoe are working to make their relationship work and dealing with issues in a much more mature way than they did previously. Lemon deals with her mother in a way that provides a way to move forward and stop dwelling on the past. Finally, George and AnnaBeth begin their relationship free of their past relationship baggage.

Wade has always gotten by on his good looks and charm. Now that Zoe is pregnant though she wants him to stop flirting with women to get things. He tries to cut off all of the special treatment he gets – his never ending tab at the Butterstick, personal returns by the mail lady, free hair cuts, and free samples and deliveries on booze for the Rammer Jammer. However, he goes about it in the completely wrong way. Suggesting to the ladies that have been helping him that they were only doing it with the hopes of having a romantic future with him. Which is not what any of them were doing it for. Bluebell is a small town where people help each other out. That is its charm and part of what makes this show a nice escape from reality. These ladies were helping Wade because he needed it. He hasn’t had the same advantages as others in town. He grew up poor, without a mom, and a drunk for a father. He had to work to get to where he is, but that path was very bumpy. He has always been a good guy and people wanted to help him out in any way they could. Even if it is just a free muffin. This is something he eventually understands and his second attempt to talk to the ladies is much more successful. Unfortunately for Zoe, it doesn’t seem like he is really going to stop flirting his way through life but she too seems to have a better understanding of it.

Jaime King, Hart of Dixie

After many years, Lemon finally gets a chance to confront her mother. Zoe of course inevitably gets stuck in the middle. Scarlett has grown very attached to Zoe and Rose and wants to hang around them a lot. She of course doesn’t know that her mom had another family before her and Zoe is doing everything she can to keep it that way. But in typical Zoe fashion, her attempts to help just end up back firing. Scarlett finds out and runs back to Zoe when she can’t deal with her mother. Zoe then has to be the one to suggest to Lemon that even if she doesn’t want to forgive her mother, she should be there for Scarlett who is now going through similar things that Lemon did. This is a good conclusion to the Alice storyline because it would be pretty unrealistic for them to forgive her and let her back into their life. Alice is regretful of her choices but there really isn’t any excuse for what she did. But having Lemon and Magnolia take Scarlett in is a nice way for them to get some closure and move on from the pain Alice caused them.

George and AB go on their first date to a terrible Norwegian restaurant. Wanting to start their relationship free from reminders of their intertwined romantic pasts, George and AB look for a restaurant that is not connected to any of their past relationships. But in Bluebell, or even the surrounding towns, this is pretty difficult. So they end up picking a new, badly reviewed, Norwegian restaurant in Tuscaloosa. A town that is in reality four hours away from the fictitious Bluebell, but the show makes it seem like is maybe about an hour away. I really enjoyed this choice for their first date. They were able to bond over the terribleness of the restaurant and it gave them something that is special to them. When you have known someone forever and then start trying to date them there can be a lot of awkwardness and I think having something like this can help break that barrier.

Episode Grade: 9/10

Other Thoughts:

  • It is Shelby’s baby Ethel’s birthday and Lemon is forced to cater it. However, all of the drama with Alice makes both Lemon and Magnolia more accepting of Shelby and they actually ask for her opinion on what to do about Scarlett. It wasn’t focused on in the episode but this little small gesture was a very touching moment.
  • “And that is Wade” “Oh I see now”
  • When Scarlet shows up at Zoe’s door she had just been fighting with Wade about his failure to approach the ladies in a respectful way. When Scarlett comes in he makes a motion like he is going to go hang out in another room to give them space. But that other room is definitely the bathroom. Did he just hang out in the bathroom the whole time?
  • Tom to George: “Man you really get around”
  • George and AB both get food poisoning on their date but make up for it with breakfast the next morning.

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