Hart of Dixie Season 4, Episode 10
Rachel Bilson, Hart of Dixie

Hi! I am back! I know it has been a while since I have posted anything. Life has kind of gotten in the way but I have always planned to come back. In the past six months I finished my Ph.D. (yay!), moved across country to move back in with my family, started working as a server while I searched for a real job, got a real job and moved halfway back across the country. So needless to say I have been pretty busy! But now that I am settled in my new location I am excited to get back to reviewing my favorite shows! Hopefully I will get back to a more consistent frequency with the remainder of my Vampire Dairies posts and what will follow that, but be patient if it takes a while to get there. That being said let’s talk about the series finale of Hart of Dixie!

During my break I kept reminding myself that I had just one more episode of Hart of Dixie and I really just needed to finish it. This finale shows everyone coming full circle, a common trope for TV series to end on. Everyone is getting their happy endings and getting married. It is a very fitting end for this show whose romantic triangles have driven much of the series. And it caps it all off with a cheesy musical number that, though I have very mixed feelings about it, ends the series on a joyful, celebratory note which feels right for Hart of Dixie.

There are a lot of parallels to the pilot in this episode. The main event is Lemon’s engagement party. The first one was to George, this one to Lavon. There is also a new love triangle set up between a doctor, a lawyer, and a bartender. New people are arriving to town and a new Zoe comes in as George’s temporary replacement lawyer, a woman from New York who agreed to move to Bluebell for one year. However, she is a much worse version of Zoe. She is overly concerned about snakes and much more condescending of the residents of Bluebell and the southern lifestyle than Zoe ever was. She is played by Autumn Reeser, a.k.a Taylor Townsend on The O.C., which made for a fun mini reunion for her and Rachel Bilson. We are not really meant to care about these new characters but it shows that even though all of the main characters are getting their happy endings there will always be drama in Bluebell.

Another way in which the series is coming full circle is Zoe becoming a partner in the medical practice again. The most important part of which is the evolution of her relationship with Brick, who has slowly gone from enemy to a father figure to her throughout the series. In the pilot she inherited the partnership from a father she didn’t know and Brick wanted to kick her out. Much of the first season was dedicated to Zoe fighting to get enough patients so Brick couldn’t buy her out. She ended up losing the partnership when she moved back to New York at the end of Season 2 and Brick was hurt that she left so he refused to let her back in as a full partner. However, now she has earned it and Brick is happy to share it with her.

George finally gets out of Bluebell and seems to really enjoy his life in Nashville. The only problem is his relationship with AB. Neither of them wants to be the one to give up their life and they worry that they won’t be able to make it work. There is no real conclusion to this dilemma other than they both agree to keep fighting for their relationship. Though if AB wants to be a nurse there are probably more opportunities in Nashville than Bluebell. She has finally gotten to a place where her life is no longer dependent on a man and moving for George would feel like she was doing that all over again. I understand how AB feels but it is mostly pride that is keeping her from being in a happy relationship. It is not like she would have to give up her dreams to be with George. Nurses are needed everywhere. George couldn’t be a music manager in Bluebell. There is really only one way this can end happily for them.

As I watched the finale and started thinking about the show as a whole I asked myself what kept bringing me back to it. It is a fairly silly show about people who don’t have many real problems. I came up with a few reasons why I love this show so much and want to keep watching it for years to come. The first is that it is just comforting. It is a show about a group of people who are not particularly realistic but they are idealistic. The characters and the town of Bluebell are an idealistic version of the region I grew up in. They have all of the southern charm without the bigotry. The fact that Lavon is a black mayor living on a plantation and is in multiple interracial relationships throughout the series is treated as perfectly normal. No one seems to have a problem with it, though in reality all of that would be a much bigger deal. I have not lived on the Gulf Coast in over five years and whenever I am feeling lonely or homesick, this is the show I turn to. And I almost trick myself into thinking I should move back.

I love it for a lot of the reasons that I have watched Gilmore Girls over and over again for the past 15 years. They share a lot more than a town square. Both are about idealistic small towns filled with quirky, endearing characters. And having watched them both so many times, the shows and characters and plots become so familiar to the point that you feel like you know them. It is for this reason that these shows have such infinite rewatch value. Hart of Dixie is a show where not a lot happens, you are just kind of watching people in their lives. And because I’ve seen it so much I feel less like I’m watching a show and more like I am revisiting something that has happened in my own life. It is like looking back on fond memories.

And finally, though the ending is very cheesy (as is much of the show) it provides a satisfying ending to the arcs of so many characters. I have said before that Hart of Dixie always wanted to be a musical so ending on a musical number is kind of fitting. Zoe and Wade get married and have their baby, Lemon and Lavon tie the knot as well, George moves to Nashville and starts a new life and finds love with AB who is working on her own career as well. Zoe becomes a partner again in the medical practice and finally truly has a home and full life in Bluebell. Though I am sad to be finishing my Hart of Dixie reviews, I know that I will be revisiting it before long (even though it left Netflix, it can be found with ads on Amazon).

Episode Grade: 9.5/10

Season Grade: 8/10

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