Bonnie becomes the villain

The Vampire Diaries Season 7, Episode 21 (“Requiem for a Dream”)
Kat Graham, The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries has constantly been trading one villain for another. As soon as one villain is defeated, another one comes along. Sometimes there are multiple evils to be dealt with at once. Rayna’s death is no different. Except this time they literally transferred her curse to another character. Bonnie. Giving Bonnie Rayna’s last life may have saved her in the short term but now she is forced to be a Huntress as well when she would have rather died than be forced to live a life hunting down her friends.

Of course who is the person to go against her wishes and save her anyway? Damon. Again. Though this time he had the support of Enzo who was not going to let her die, even if that is what she wanted. Bonnie has been in a magical coma since they did the transfer spell and the only reason she can’t wake up is because she doesn’t want to. She can choose to die and not complete the spell. Even in her subconscious she is starting to turn on her friends as one by one they try helping her to remain herself. But they all end up getting marked instead. Caroline is her oldest friend and she knew her when she was a human. Enzo is her lover and though she has known him to have both dark and light she has chosen to focus on the good.

Damon is a last resort as they haven’t been on good terms since he abandoned her to desiccate. He tries a different tactic and makes her so angry until she accidentally wakes up. Then he has to try love in order to bring her back. This whole scene is like a physical manifestation of their emotional turmoil. Damon finally tells her how important she is to him and how much he admires her. He expresses his platonic love for her. As I’ve said before, this is such a refreshing dynamic for a man and woman on a TV show. Two straight people of the opposite sex are almost never allowed to just be friends. At least one of them inevitably falls for the other. In their case though they truly have a deep, platonic connection and I love to see it. Unfortunately even if the part of Bonnie who is still herself forgives him, the Huntress only sees a vampire.

Stefan too is trying to make amends with someone he deeply wrong. Caroline has avoided seeing Stefan, but has also wanted to see Stefan. After she is marked by Bonnie she is forced to make the choice that Stefan did three years ago. She initially doesn’t want to run telling Stefan that she can’t abandon her family. He doesn’t let her make that choice though and even tries kidnapping her. However, when Damon tells him he did the right thing, he knows that he was wrong. Caroline brings up that Stefan always let Elena make her own decisions even when he disagreed with them but he is not giving her that same courtesy. This speaks to Caroline’s continued insecurities with her relationship with Stefan. At the beginning of their relationship she was afraid that he would never love her as much as he did Elena. Caroline has always felt inferior to Elena in many ways (though honestly she is so much better) and Stefan leaving probably felt like confirmation of her earlier fears. Stefan was never able to leave Elena even when he felt like he should. Ultimately though she knows she has to run, which Stefan doesn’t seem that upset about.

Finally, Matt is the unlikely hero of this episode but also a conundrum. He still cares about Bonnie and doesn’t want her to have to live with killing her friends, even though he doesn’t really seem to count them as his friends anymore. But he saves Damon so that Bonnie won’t have to live with the guilt of killing her best friend. Pretty much everyone in Bonnie’s life that is important to her at this point is a vampire so even if she is not one she is certainly sympathetic. Maybe he is in doubt of his allegiances or he just wants to save his last remaining non-vampire friend. Either way it was difficult to track his motivations in this episode. For me Matt is at his most frustrating when he can’t decide what side he believes. But he is figuring out that being completely against vampires is not very easy when your life is so entangled with them.

Next up this the season finale and there is a lot to deal with. Bonnie is on the loose hunting her friends and the only way to save her is to go in the vault where the “evil” exists. At the very end of the episode we see that everyone who was trapped in the armory is dead. In the vault is the body of the final everlasting that Bonnie’s life is linked to. Enzo thinks that if they can sever the link they can break the curse. I assume this would be similar rules to the vampire cure. Since Bonnie is young she would just continue living out a normal life, but if Rayna had severed that link she would have died soon after because she would have rapidly aged.

Episode Grade: 8/10

Other Thoughts:

  • Alaric wants to stay with Caroline until Bonnie wakes up and she quickly kicks him out. Why is she even pretending that she might be in love with him? Or like it is something she needs to think about?
  • How did Matt become Sheriff already? Isn’t he like 23 tops? He isn’t even from a founding family. Though I guess when they kicked the whole town out when the Heretics arrived he was the only on left??
  • Body Count: None other than you know the dozens of people left at the Armory.

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