The Siren Story Drags On

The Vampire Diaries Season 8, Episode 3 (“You Decided I was Worth Saving”)
Michael Trevino, The Vampire Diaries

A major issue with this last season, and the reason I have not returned to it until now, is that the Siren stuff is dragged out way too much. We are only three episodes in and I have already struggled to keep writing about it. There is also pretty much nothing else happening. For the third episode in a row the story is pretty much 100% dedicated to Sybil’s continued control of Damon and Enzo, Enzo’s resistance, and the others quest to save them. This episode probably could have been condensed with the last one and not much would have been lost. This story will eventually provide more interesting character development but for now it is kind of a drag.

Sybil continues to grow frustrated with Damon and Enzo’s resistance. She sees Bonnie as the thing keeping both of them from fully giving over. Damon is tasked with killing Bonnie which he does attempt but doesn’t give it as much of an effort as he could. Even though Damon has given himself over to Sybil more, he still has attachments deep down. She forces them to fight each other to the death, thinking that having only one of them will make it easier for the remaining one to submit. Damon calls Stefan in as backup, tricking him into thinking it was about saving him from Sybil. Really Damon is terrified of dying after Sybil showed him a glimpse of his fate in Hell. Which if he has really turned his humanity off he shouldn’t care about so much. Fear is definitely an emotion and one that has controlled Damon for most of his life.

Bonnie is forced to make a choice between Damon and Enzo, which one will be saved (but forced to continue serving Sybil) and which one will go straight to Hell. She ultimately chooses to save Enzo realizing that he has no one else to fight for him. Stefan will stop at nothing to save Damon, even though Damon set him up in this episode. He would let Enzo die if it meant saving his brother. There is no one who would do the same for Enzo, which is really the one thing he has wanted most this whole time.

Alaric and Stefan figure out that the pitchfork they found in the Armory is essentially a tuning fork that is debilitating to the Siren and ringing it makes her temporarily powerless. They are able to use it to break the control that she has on Damon and Enzo though at this point they are both still without humanity. However, Damon still seems dedicated to doing her biding. Maybe he is afraid that if he doesn’t he really will go to Hell. She has also wormed her way into his subconscious, replacing his memories of Elena with her. This leads him to play the road trick and it is Tyler that finds him. Damon threatens to kill him and Tyler tries to call his bluff. He doesn’t really think that Damon will kill him but this is kind of a point of no return for Damon. If he kills Tyler he might really never be forgiven. Damon has done a lot of heinous things and killed a lot of people, but he has never killed a member of the squad. Unfortunately for Tyler, despite the fact that Damon tries to walk away, the Siren calls him back and he kills Tyler. At this point Tyler is a werewolf but not a hybrid. And since it wasn’t a full moon he was no match for Damon.

Tyler started out as one of the worst characters for all of Season 1. However, I quickly did a 180 turn on my opinion of him in Season 2. Though his role in later seasons was fairly diminished, he was a character that really had a lot of growth throughout the series and one I really rooted for. Discovering that he was a werewolf really humanized him. It made him into a kinder, more considerate person. Knowing that there was a supernatural reason for his aggression made him more aware of it. He actively worked to keep it in check. His feud with Klaus often got the better of him, but to be fair he did suffer more than most from Klaus’s rule. Despite overall liking Tyler’s arc throughout the series, I can’t say I have all that much of a reaction to his death. His story wrapped up on the show a while ago and bringing him back just to kill him off does more for Damon’s story than his. I do think Tyler deserved better.

It was sad to see Tyler return this season for just this one scene where he dies. However, it sets a precedent for this final season, saying no one is really safe. The Vampire Diaries has been pretty reluctant to kill anyone off for good, Alaric was dead for two whole seasons before ultimately returning. The show has built in a lot of ways to kill characters temporarily. However, the destruction of the Other Side at the end of Season 5 changed that. Now in the final season there is a lot less time to bring people back and not as many ways for the characters to cheat permanent death.

Episode Grade: 6.5/10

Other Thoughts:

  • It was great to see Liz Forbes in the opening scene, even if it was a fabrication of Sybil’s mind control.
  • So far this season they have been really into reusing footage of Elena. They seemed to purposefully avoid it last season wanting to move on from her character. But it feels like she is going to be in this final season a lot in spirit.
  • Damon has moved on to the next 50 Shades of Grey book.
  • Damon keeps saying “applesauce penguin” to Stefan which seems like gibberish and Stefan definitely doesn’t think it means anything. I don’t remember but I feel like it is code for something…
  • Episode Title: This is a quote from the Season 1 finale. Damon thanks Elena for deciding that he was worth saving.
  • Body Count: 2, Damon kills the bridal shop attendant and Tyler 😦

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