Bonnie loses out on happiness, again

The Vampire Diaries Season 8, Episode 11 (“You Made a Choice to be Good”)
Michael Malarkey, The Vampire Diaries

After seven seasons of The Vampire Diaries being generally unwilling to kill any of its main characters off clearly is no longer encumbered with that reluctance. The few times they did kill major characters, like Alaric, they really gave them a proper send off. This season however has been merciless and has now killed two important characters pretty randomly and unnecessarily. Tyler died after not being even on the show for over a year. Now Enzo, a character who has been around, also dies with very little build up.

Cade is unhappy with the lack of progress being exhibited by Stefan and Damon so he makes a deal with both of them. Either kill 100 wicked souls or the brother’s girl. Damon, focused on his path to redemption, tries to get out of doing either by killing Cade but that doesn’t really work, he is not that easy to kill. So he and Caroline come up with a different plan, one that will put Bonnie’s happiness on hold. Again. They are going to do some passing around of the cure. First to cure Cade of immortality so they can kill him. Then to Enzo so he and Bonnie can live out their happily ever after, and then once Enzo is dead Damon can have it. The only problem with this plan is that it is not exactly a guarantee that it will work on Cade. Or that they will be able to pull it off.

Another problem with this plan, Stefan is not in on it, nor would he care. While Caroline and Damon are working to figure out a way out of their deal with Cade, Stefan is working to get Damon out of his life for good. He took Cade up on his deal and agrees to kill Elena. If he kills her, Damon will never forgive him and leave him alone. Stefan can then go on living his ripper life uninterrupted. Stefan goes through a lot of work to do it too. He compels a realtor to nullify the dead to Bonnie’s secret safe house and put it in her name and then invite Stefan in. All from afar. This kicks Enzo out of the house and Stefan gets him out of the way for good by killing him. The show doesn’t seem to want there to be too much of a gap in humanity between Stefan and Damon this season. They had to even the score. Damon killed Tyler for no real reason and now Stefan has killed Enzo for nothing.

Enzo’s death is pretty unnecessary and it is further acknowledgement that Bonnie doesn’t get to have nice things. Enzo is a character that I have always struggled to care too much about. However, his romance with Bonnie did get to me. She was happier with him than she was at any other time in the series. They also had a relatively drama free relationship compared to some of the other pairings we have seen. Enzo finally got someone to call family with Bonnie. He really dies at the height of his happiness. At least he got to spend his last day with Bonnie doing fun things and it was full of love. Bonnie does get a bit of revenge though and she uses the cure on Stefan. He is human again and all of that guilt is going to come flooding in.

Matt backslides on his vampire hatred this episode and he is kind of the most insufferable he has ever been. I can understand his hatred of the Salvatores, Stefan did just use him to try and kill the entire town. But now his anger is being aimed at Caroline, someone who has always been a friend to him, and more at one point. Caroline is looking out for Matt and with the impending Cade danger she offers him some of her blood as a safeguard. He refuses which that is fine it is his choice. But when Dorian asks Caroline what it is like being a vampire, Matt interrupts her to tell him that it is terrible and being a vampire makes you into a monster. Caroline actually likes being a vampire and she is very in control. Just last episode, Matt’s black and white views on vampires seemed to be softening but he is letting his anger at Stefan revert him back.

The end of this episode drops a couple of bombs within about two minutes. Enzo is dead and Stefan is human. Stefan killing Enzo feels like it will cause a greater falling out for him with the group than Damon killing Tyler did. Tyler wasn’t really actively a part of anyone’s life at this point. But Enzo and Bonnie were ready to ride off into the sunset together. Bonnie isn’t likely to forgive Stefan so quickly. Maybe ever.

Episode Grade: 8/10

Other Thoughts:

  • Damon’s love of pancakes is revisited in this episode. He is still doing blueberry smiley faces on them.
  • Caroline: “I thought you said you weren’t going to try anything stupid” Damon: “When did I promise that?”
  • In the theme of full circle Stefan tells Damon that Elena is still coming between them. Only this time it is Damon’s love of Elena keeping him and Stefan from being the evil Salvatore duo. Also Stefan plans to kill Elena by drowning her…
  • Stefan on Elena: “to be honest with you, in the grand scheme of things, she’s really not that special” which is like kind of true…
  • A time capsule was buried in Mystic Falls in 1790. Convenient since that is the year that the Sirens were locked up in the vault at the Armory.
  • In it Matt finds a code breaking device used by his ancestor.
  • Caroline, Bonnie, and Elena also buried their own time capsule when they were 11. Caroline digs it up and reveals her dreams at the time were to win a Tony, live in a perfect house, and marry a perfect boy. Bonnie’s were to meet Justin Timberlake, audition for American Idol, and go on MTV Spring Break (these are some real throwbacks).
  • Caroline offers Matt and Dorian blood orange margaritas. Leave Caroline to make drinking blood fun.
  • Dorian is briefly tempted until he sees Damon get all vampy.
  • Episode Title: Elena says this to Stefan in Season 1, Episode 20 “Blood Brothers” convincing him to not kill himself after his blood binge.
  • Body Count: 5, Cade kills three people at The Grill, Damon kills one, and Stefan kills Enzo.

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