Owls, Scrabble, and Stakeouts

Pretty Little Liars Season 1, Episodes 19 & 20
Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn, Pretty Little Liars

Both of these episodes were big on the romance side of things and with just a side of mystery. Spencer attempts to pin Ali’s murder on Ian and just ends up making herself look guilty. “A” plays a great trick on Spencer and Toby. Hanna thinks she found the perfect man, and then is proven wrong. Aria’s parents are thinking about getting back together, but think it’s something their kids should have an opinion on. No wonder Aria thinks she is an adult. Emily starts to move on from Maya, with Paige but then is dumped for Sean…

Mysteries and Shady Characters

Spencer is absolutely convinced that Ian killed Ali and it is making her family concerned for her mental health. The Liars are questioned by the police as to how they got that fake trophy and why they thought Ian killed Alison. They don’t have any actual evidence, the video was deleted. Spencer slips in that Ian had a thing for younger girls but then omits that she knows this because he kissed her when she was like 14. Later the police find out about Spencer and Ian and suspect that it was Spencer who killed Alison and they get a search warrant to go through all of her stuff. They find fibers from Toby’s sweater that Alison was wearing that night in Spencer’s name bracelet. So now she is a prime suspect in Alison’s murder case.

They don’t really get anywhere with A either but A goes to some great lengths to just fuck with Toby and Spencer. Toby gets a room at The Edgewood Motor Court because he doesn’t want to be alone in his house with Jenna. While Spencer is dropping him off, she hears some flute music (like Jenna’s) playing in room 214. The bag that Ian gave Jenna was also in the room. So Toby and Spencer stake the place out and play scrabble. After waiting all night they hear the flute music playing the next morning and they burst into the room to find that the music is playing off a CD and the bag is full of ice with the note “You’re getting colder – A”. You have to admire A for this one.

There is a new police officer on the force, Officer Garrett Reynolds. He comes in as the “good” cop. He grew up down the street from Emily so he kind of knows the Liars. Now they believe they have a friend on the force. But the new detective wants to use his relationship with them to get dirt on their obviously lying asses.


For the first time in a while, all four girls had significant romantic plots in these episodes.

Most importantly, Hanna finally punches her V card. She has been wanting to all season, but she didn’t have to try so hard this time. She is still hiding Caleb in her basement but Ashley is starting to get suspicious. He is around A LOT. Ashely finds his things in the basement and kicks him out. So he and Hanna go camping, Hanna is surprisingly outdoorsy. They tell each other all their vulnerable secrets and then get it on in a tent. Realizing Hanna is going to do what she wants, Ashley agrees to let Caleb stay in the guest room for a little while. And before long Ashley starts to enjoy having him around.

Unfortunately everyone’s warnings to Hanna about how sketchy Caleb is turns out to be kind of true. Hanna finds an owl pendant in his bag and thinks it is a gift for her. Symbolic of their sexy times in the woods. But it turns out the pendant was actually for Jenna, it’s a thumb drive. Jenna had paid Caleb to stalk Hanna which is why he was suddenly just following her around everywhere. Once he started actually falling for Hanna he tried to stop but Jenna wouldn’t let it drop. He gave her a thumb drive of useless information. Hanna SLAPS Jenna in the bathroom (“This is Hanna. In case you couldn’t guess”).

Aria is also having Jenna problems in her love life. Jenna is submitting a short story for a contest and is getting feedback from Ezra. Which creeps Aria out. Her story is about a blind girl who is more perceptive than anyone else. Which is definitely Jenna. She makes comments to Aria that imply she knows about her and Fitz. And that she knows about A potentially. Aria plans a nice dinner for Ezra but he just keeps talking about Jenna’s story. Aria then has to avoid Ezra because she can’t talk about The Jenna Thing, but Emily tells her she can. So Aria tells him and he really doesn’t care that much.

Then Aria is once again careless about keeping her relationship with Ezra a secret. Spencer warns her friends that the police might search their rooms too, so Aria tries to de-Ezrafy her room. She gives Emily a whole bag of things that no one could possibly link to her and Ezra, a spoon, chopsticks, a coaster. But ultimately decides she can’t part with the book he gave her. That he signed his actual name to. Byron is snooping through Aria’s room later and flips through the book and luckily doesn’t turn to the right page. Aria also accidentally sends a text to her mom that was meant for Ezra that says “Thinking of your eyes. How I want to be looking into them right now. This second. XO. Aria”. When her mom asks about it she is like oh its new…. I just want to keep it private. Which that is some text to send to someone who are newly dating. Or anytime you aren’t drunk. Ella is really chill about it though. Byron is less sure that they should give her that space considering all she has gone through.

Spencer and Toby bond during all of their investigating and partake in some scrabble foreplay. Toby wins, which is not something Spencer was expecting. She is not the best loser. They spend the night at the Edgewood Motor Court together but not much really happens. They are more of a slow burn couple. Spencer does where his shirt though, and no pants.

Emily is dealing with Paige’s games. At first Paige avoids her after she kissed her out of nowhere. And then she lures her out to a bar in the middle of nowhere. They have fun and sing a Pink song at karaoke. Emily thinks this is a sign that things are progressing with Paige but Paige wants to keep it a secret. Having already had to go through the struggle of coming out, Emily doesn’t really want to go there again. Then Paige pretends to be interested in Sean. When Sean asks Emily about Paige, it is super awkward, and not because he is Hanna’s ex. Emily tells Sean that she and Paige “swim on the same team but I don’t know here that well”. After going out with Sean, Paige is certain she is gay.


  • Caleb has almost no body hair.
  • Emily judging Aria’s Ezra bag with just weirded out facial expressions was great.
  • “A” doesn’t just fool Spencer and Toby with the 214 mystery. The audience was also led to believe it was the hotel room. We see it before the characters do. I liked this bit of trickery because it didn’t just bring the characters down this fake trail, but the audience as well. 214 actually ends up being Caleb’s locker combination, how he was passing information onto Jenna.
  • Notable Quotes:
    • Spencer: “Bikes to Die For, Babes to Fight For. Page 12. Its a great read”
    • Rando chick: “Sean Ackard, score for Paige. Thought he was in hibernate for the rest of the year but you dragged him out of the cave” is Sean that big a catch?


Aria wears a lace turtleneck with like a riding jacket and then later a tiger sweater with buttons. Spencer is still really into hats, stripes, and a skirt with trees on it.

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