Videos and Bell Towers

Pretty Little Liars Season 1, Episodes 21 & 22
Troian Bellisario, Pretty Little Liars

In typical PLL fashion, Season 1 ends with more questions than answers. We get some Jenna answers, Ian dies (maybe), and we still have no idea who A is or what happened to Ali. Since all of PLL is really just one big story, its mysteries are hardly ever tied up fully. Seasons don’t always end with some big revelations. They give you just enough to make sure you keep watching the next one.

Mysteries and Shady Characters

Though Spencer is now a person of interest in Alison’s murder, she is only doubling down on Ian. Melissa is concerned with how all of this makes their family look. Probably more than she is concerned with what happens to Spencer. Spencer starts poking holes in Ian and Melissa’s Hilton Head alibi. Melissa doesn’t seem to know the layout of Hilton Head at all which just gives Spencer more ammo. Melissa and Ian are planning their baby’s Christening at the church. When Ian doesn’t show to meet Melissa, she starts freaking out. She left her phone at the church and gets Spencer to turn around to go and look for it, but they end up getting hit by another car. Spencer is fine but Melissa has to stay in the hospital so they can monitor the baby. Spencer goes back to look for her phone and Ian is there. Fed up with all of Spencer’s crap he attempts to kill her. But someone in a black hoodie saves her by pushing Ian down the bell tower where he gets caught up in the ropes. The Liars call the cops but by the time they get there, the body is gone.

Though we don’t really learn if Ian killed Ali or not, we do finally get some answers on what Jenna’s role in a lot of this season has been. Hanna talks to Caleb to find out what exactly Jenna was paying him for. Jenna wanted a key but was pretty vague about any details. Jenna doesn’t know what the key looks like or what it is to exactly, just that Alison may have given one of them a key. Emily remembers a gift Alison gave her the day she disappeared, a snow globe that she says is a lot more valuable than it looks. Emily checks it out and finds a key hidden inside of it, the key is to a storage unit. This entire storage unit just has a thumb drive in it. The drive is a collection of videos of the girls changing. So basically child pornography. They hypothesize that Alison was killed because she had the videos. Jenna is also in some of them, there is video evidence of what was really going on between her and Toby.

The girls confront Jenna about the videos and learn that this is why Alison went to visit her in the hospital. This is how Alison got Jenna to keep quiet about her accident and let Toby take the blame. Alison told Jenna that the videos were made by the guy she likes, so we assume it is Ian who was filming them. They try to finally nail Ian by setting up a fake swap through a burner phone and bring Garrett with them for protection. Ian sends a messenger in his place because he saw through the ruse and knew it was Spencer who texted him.

Garrett is being really creepy throughout both of these episodes without even really doing anything wrong. He is seen keeping tabs on the girls, but it is part of his job. The detective tasked him with keeping an eye on them. He also goes to see Ezra to asks him about the trophy Spencer found in the prop case. He comes in literally 0.2 seconds after Aria abruptly left. We then find out that Garrett is dating Jenna, so all of his proclamations about being on the Liars’ side is probably not true.


Aria and Ezra hit their newest rough patch (are they ever just happy?). Aria is alone in Ezra’s apartment and accidentally bumps his computer and finds it open to his fake Facebook page (the literally just call it his “website page”) and sees an old picture of him with a girl named Jackie who is wearing an engagement ring. She freaks out and just ditches her dinner with Ezra. Emily and Spencer tell her to give him the benefit of the doubt and just ask him about it before jumping to conclusions. Having just been heartbroken, Hanna advises to make a fake profile, friend Jackie, and expose them. Aria briefly goes along with this plan until thinking better of it. It turns out Jackie was his college girlfriend. He proposed to her and she accepted but then later broke up with him. This last part freaks Aria out the most. The fact that she broke it off and not him. Ezra turns this whole freak out on her and asks if she is really just upset that they can’t take a photo like that. So Aria makes them take a photo with bags on their heads with really creepy faces drawn on them. Ezra gets a job at Hollis so he will no longer be teaching at Rosewood. Which seems great to Aria, now she is going to be dating a professor. But then Byron hosts a faculty mixer at their house and Aria discovers that Jackie also works at Hollis. And now she is madder than ever at Ezra. It is not really clear if Ezra knew that Jackie worked at Hollis. He says she was a teaching assistant there when they were together. Aria takes Ezra not telling her that Jackie might work at Hollis as a sign that he still has feelings for her and she storms out of her own bedroom.

Hanna is feeling really burned over Caleb and her loved ones are kind of split on whether or not she should give him another chance. Ashley, who just an episode ago thought Caleb was really sketchy, is now like fully on his side. She doesn’t know what happened but is very concerned that Hanna might be losing out on something potentially great. Caleb keeps trying to talk to Hanna but she won’t give him the time of day. He tries to go through both Aria and Ashley but both of them tell him he needs to talk to her himself. He gives Mona a letter he wrote to Hanna and she says she will give it to her but then throws it away without telling Hanna about it. Later Mona tries to join the Liars for lunch but the others can’t even pretend to like Mona so they all make dumb excuses to leave. Hanna leaves her phone and Caleb calls. Mona answers and tells him that Hanna read the letter but threw it away. Lucas overhears a lot of this and figures out that Mona never gave Hanna the letter. Mona tries to bribe him to not say anything by offering to help him get Hanna for himself but instead he chooses to do what will make Hanna happy and stops Caleb from leaving town.

Emily is still dealing with Paige’s insecurities and it is getting to be too much for her. She encourages Paige to talk to a girl, Samara, from a campus Pride group at a nearby school. Paige doesn’t show up though and Emily starts bonding with Samara instead.

Spencer and Toby seem to be an official couple now. Her family doesn’t want her to associate with him because he is the town pariah and Spencer is already a suspect in Alison’s murder. So dating a previous suspect is probably not the best look. But Spencer makes a point of kissing Toby in front of her family so they know where she stands.


  • Claire Holt plays Emily’s newest love interest, Samara. Her fake American accent is very distracting.
  • Aria knocks Ezra’s coffee out of his hand on purpose while at school so they can talk on the ground. But it is just for her to say let’s talk later.
  • Emily’s dad is going to be in Texas for the next year so Pam wants her and Emily to move down there with him.
  • Noel Kahn is seen in the crowd suspiciously after Ian’s death. It wouldn’t be that weird but they definitely make a deal out of pointing him out.
  • “A” tricks Spencer into going inside a fun house to meet Toby and she gets locked inside a weird cylindrical cubby.
  • “A” steals Ezra’s spare key – who really keeps a key under their mat?
  • Notable Quotes:
    • Spencer on how lame Ezra’s “website page” probably is: “What’s the juiciest thing on his status update? Ezra Fitz has joined the Mark Twain fan page?”
    • Spencer on the Christening of Ian and Melissa’s baby “Isn’t that a little premature? You know, if it’s not born a human”


Aria takes a hippie girl turn. Spencer wears a cape and Uggs. Aria also wears a huge necklace. Ezra wears a plaid shirt and vest, I really hope the vests stop soon. And Hanna’s shirt looks fine from the front but then has a big tie in the back that makes no sense.

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