Therapy, Jason #2, and Fake Scholarships

Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episodes 1-3
Lucy Hale, Pretty Little Liars

We are kicking off Season 2! These first few episodes begin to set the stage for the season. We are still dealing with the mystery of what happened to Ian, and of course the larger mysteries of Alison’s death and who the hell A is. Lots of shady characters from Season 1 return and are as creepy as ever. We are also introduced to Jason #2!

The Liars and Their Secrets

After another run in with the police in the wake of Ian’s disappearance, the Liars’ parents band together and decide that it is time they all see a therapist. They start with group therapy sessions with Dr. Anne Sullivan (Annabeth Gish). However, these sessions are not very productive since the girls can’t agree on what they should/shouldn’t share with her. Dr. Sullivan sees this as unhealthy codependency and recommends that the girls spend sometime apart from each other and she will start seeing them all separately. With all of the mysteries and A threats that the Liars are facing they can’t really just stop talking to each other. So they come up with clever ways of communicating without really “hanging out”.

Emily’s mom is still planning on moving them to Texas but when a scout from Danby University tells Emily that she has swimming scholarship potential, so long as she stays at Rosewood, she gets hopeful that she won’t have to move. She can’t leave the Liars now and she also has a budding romance with Samara. Pam is open to staying if the scout can guarantee that Emily will get a scholarship, but that isn’t really something that scouts give to juniors. Knowing that a “maybe” letter won’t impress her mom much, Emily writes a fake letter from Danby offering her a scholarship on the condition that she stays at Rosewood. However, Emily never sends it. Unfortunately, A doesn’t want Emily to leave either and they send the letter to Pam anyway. Now A will have yet another secret to hold over Emily’s head.

In usual Tom Marin fashion, he returns to Rosewood to deal with Hanna’s newest troubles with law enforcement. Hanna isn’t really interested in him playing dad whenever he feels like it. But his return coincides with a rough patch with Isabel. So he is spending a lot of time cozying up to Ashley as well. They are laughing and reminiscing about the old days. Hopeful that her parents could actually get back together, Hanna deletes an apology message from Isabel from her dad’s phone.

Without the other Liars, Hanna doesn’t have much to do in her spare time. She doesn’t really have any hobbies other than shoplifting. So she actually makes time for her non-Liar friends. She makes up with Mona after the whole Caleb letter fight. She also helps Lucas out with yearbook stuff just to have something to do with her afternoons. She notices Lucas is crushing on a girl there so she helps him score a date with her by talking him up as a womanizing photographer.

Spencer is as usual busy investigating all the shady characters in Rosewood. Instead of feeling sympathy for her sister, she is trying to figure out what Melissa knows. She also stabs Melissa in the back when she pawns her wedding ring to buy a truck for Toby. Aria takes a pottery class at Hollis and it just happens to be the same class Jenna is in. Aria tries to hide her identity by calling herself Anita, but Jenna recognizes Aria’s voice, obviously.

Mysteries and Shady Characters

Episode 1 (“It’s Alive) picks up right where Season 1 left off, with the mystery of what happened to Ian’s body. Melissa is distressed about where Ian is and Spencer cannot drop the idea that he is dead. But when Spencer see’s a text on Melissa’s phone saying “it’s not safe yet, I can’t tell you”, she is less certain. Spencer gets proof that it must be Ian by asking the blocked number the name Melissa and Ian had picked out for their baby. Spencer suspects that Melissa knows where Ian is since she is lying about leaving the house and running out of the room every time her phone rings. In Episode 3 (“My Name is Trouble”) the Liars follow Melissa and find that she is meeting Wren who is hooking her up with painkillers.

The newest sketchy character to arrive is Jason #2. He is a completely different character than Jason #1, more evil surfer vibe than preppy. He has moved back into the DiLaurentis house and everyone is freaked out about this. I guess Maya’s family moved out when they sent her to druggie boot camp. Jason is being really cagey about anyone coming inside the house. He is putting up a fence in the yard for privacy. Spencer notices multiple times throughout Episode 3 that there is a shadow moving inside the house that isn’t Jason. Spencer has some flashbacks related to Jason and Ali’s relationship. They didn’t exactly get along. At one point Jason chased Ali through the yard when he caught her snooping in his room. Another night when Jason was throwing a party, Ali escaped over to Spencer’s to hide from his friends. Ali doesn’t really say what was going on but she was clearly scared by something that was going on there. She has a brief moment of vulnerability before telling Spencer that her family has the worst apples. Jason is rapidly moving up in the suspect list.

We also get appearances by some of our other favorite shady characters. Noel Kahn returns to school and is now dating Mona. Garrett tells the Liars to keep the videos a secret from the police. Garrett and Jenna also have a secret about Jason they refer to as “the Jason thing”. And someone is breaking into garages in Rosewood, said person may have attacked Aria when she happened upon them at Spencer’s house.

“A” is doing some great work as well. They steal Ezra’s diploma from his apartment and plant it in Dr. Sullivan’s office, both showing that they can get in anywhere and that they know that the Liars are seeing her. Dr. Sullivan gets a call from A that is just a recording of her session with the girls. “A” also deletes the videos from Emily’s computer, apparently the only place they had thought to store them. And finally, A buys Melissa’s engagement ring from the pawn shop Spencer sold it to.


Aria freezes Ezra out after the whole Jackie thing. I understand her being upset that he never mentioned it, and that she is now working at Hollis, but Aria’s reaction is a bit much. She is on the verge of breaking up with him but won’t actually give him the opportunity to have the conversation. The one time she agrees to talk to him, he is stuck in a faculty meeting and she breaks up with him by leaving a note on his type writer. Then magically the next day she changes her mind just as he is leaving the school on his last day and they make out in the parking lot. Then in the next episode she is just completely over it and they are walking around Hollis like a normal couple. Though they should really be more careful, her dad does work there and even if he isn’t there that day, there has to be other faculty that will recognize her. Like Jackie.

Spencer and Toby are still going strong. Toby is ready to leave Rosewood High and become a contractor. He gets a job on a construction crew but is let go on his first day because the family finds him too creepy. With few options in Rosewood, Toby takes a job working for Jason. Spencer is not happy about this and so she pawns Melissa’s wedding ring so she can buy a truck for Toby and he can get jobs in other towns.

Emily has started something with Samara but it is still pretty new. Caleb returns to try talking to Hanna again but she is not ready to forgive him.


  • The other Liars cannot handle Spencer’s coffee.
  • The Liars new secret conversation place is a greenhouse.
  • Mona tasks Aria with getting a gift for Ezra from the class as a going away present, saying Aria knows him better because of the play LOL. The gift she gets him is a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird. I hope the whole class signed it because otherwise that is a lame gift. This is while she is not talking to him so likely she put very little effort into the gift.
  • Hanna calls stealing moisturizer a hobby.
  • Caleb is now living with Lucas.
  • Hanna: “Only Melissa would ask the guy she dumped to help the murderer she married”


Aria’s look when running after Ezra has a lot going on, especially those boots (Episode 2). In Episode 3 Aria has feathers in her hair, which unfortunately was a trend at the time.

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