Hockey Sticks, Autopsy Reports, and Candy Stripers

Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episodes 7-9
Ashely Benson, Troian Bellisario, and Shay Mitchell

The Liars and Their Secrets

The Montgomerys are hosting an intimate dinner party for a few Hollis faculty members and Jason DiLaurentis (“Surface Tension”). The entire dinner party is amazing. Ella invites Jason because she feels bad about what happened at the fashion show but why would he want to attend a dinner party with the Hollis English department? He probably only attends so he can get closer to Aria. Ezra is trying to use this night as a way to start warming up Ella and Byron. He definitely acts like he is the boyfriend meeting the girlfriend’s parents but no one knows that is what he is. But when Jason arrives this throws a wrench in things for him. He spends most of the night eyeing Jason because he immediately picks up on his interest in Aria. And that he and Aria seem to be in each others confidences about something. After the party is cut short by Mike’s breaking and entering, both Jason and Ezra hang back, each waiting for the other to leave so they can have alone time with Aria.

After getting busted Mike seems to be done with breaking into people’s houses but his troubles do not end there. Ella and Byron are fighting over the right way to deal with Mike, give him space or punishment? But they begin to realize there is something more going on with him than just teenage rebellion. He is becoming very withdrawn, angry, and defensive. When Byron finds him curled up in bed in the middle of the day just staring off into space he sees similarities to his own brother. We learn that Byron had a brother that had similar issues and it is implied that he committed suicide. We don’t get anything further in this plot in these episodes but it is clear that Mike is dealing with depression.

Emily has officially moved in with Hanna and they are even living in the same bedroom. Apparently the guest room had a pipe break, or they just didn’t want to build a separate set. Hanna is much more excited about this new situation than Emily is. Now that her family has moved to Texas, Emily is under a lot of pressure to be a good house guest and get that Danby scholarship for real. She is getting up early to workout and make breakfast before school. She is intensifying her swim training which is causing her shoulder pain so she just puts on a lot of pain cream. “A” takes this as an opportunity to really screw Emily by putting human growth hormone (HGH) into Emily’s pain cream. All the stress gives her an ulcer and she ends up in the hospital where the HGH shows up in her blood work. She is able to convince Wren, who is now working at the Rosewood hospital, to keep the lab results secret but A knows and is going to use this against her. All of this does get her out of the Danby lie when her father tells her not to worry about the scholarship anymore, he would rather her be healthy.

Hanna allows herself to hope that her parents might be getting back together when she sees them hookup after a drunken night. However the next day reality sets in when Tom and Isabel’s save-the-dates show up in the mail. Ashley comes to her senses and sees that Tom is still planning to marry Isabel and she lets him go. She seems to really be ready to move on from him. Hanna however is less forgiving. She kind of freezes her dad out for a bit and is not being very cooperative about being one of Isabel’s bridesmaids. However, when Caleb reunites with his mom, it inspires Hanna to make up with him and get on board with the wedding.

Spencer is once again caught up in the mystery of Alison and the shady men of Rosewood.

Mysteries and Shady Characters

Peter Hastings becomes one of she shadiest characters in these episodes. Spencer convinces him to hire Toby to do some yard work. While there, Toby finds a broken field hockey stick buried right along the Hastings/DiLaurentis property line. Peter takes it from Toby and is a total weirdo about it. Later Peter realizes how suspicious he must have looked and tries to do some recon with Toby telling him not to worry too much about it and not to tell Spencer, which he already has. Spencer has a memory of teaching Alison how to play field hockey (who was likely trying to impress Ian). They theorize that the hockey stick was the murder weapon. They also remember Jason threatening Ali with the hockey stick and she looked legitimately scared and not just in a siblings playing around way. Peter burns the hockey stick, suggesting to Spencer that it could be seen as a murder weapon leading Spencer to think that her dad thinks she killed Alison.

Toby gives Spencer the idea to figure out if the police know how Ali died but have just not released the information to the public. She tries asking Garrett but he brushes her off, telling her it doesn’t matter, Ian did it and he is dead. She then questions Wren about where she might find the coroner’s report. When Emily gets admitted to the hospital for her ulcer, Spencer gets the idea to break into the morgue and find Ali’s autopsy report. She and Aria put on candy striper uniforms and find the report and there are things in there that even Spencer can’t understand. But she does know a lot despite being 16 and never having gone to medical school. They find out that Ali was hit in the head with a curved, blunt edge and that she had dirt in her lungs, meaning she was buried alive. They believe that the curved, blunt edge was the hockey stick. They later realize that page 5 of the autopsy is missing. What information could they be missing out on?

Spencer also takes over Emily’s Logan Reed investigation because Emily doesn’t have the time and this is really more up Spencer’s alley. Garrett tells her that Logan Reed skipped town but is he really just trying to get Spencer to stop looking? It is very important to Jenna and Garrett that the Liars believe that Ian killed Alison and that Jason doesn’t remember what happened that night. When Aria finds Jenna’s candle holder in Mike’s room she thinks he stole it from her house, but Mike insists that he stole it from Garrett (aka “officer McFriendly”)’s place which leads them to discover that Jenna and Garrett are together. They also learn that Jenna is getting eye surgery that may be able to restore her sight. Hanna asks the Liars if this means they are off the hook and Spencer says maybe guilt-wise. But just because she might get her sight back does not erase the trauma she has experienced at their hands. They are terrified of what Jenna will do to them if she can see again.

Finally, Jason continues to be suspicious. He does not want people going into his shed which Spencer notices. She and Emily break into the shed and find that he has turned it into a dark room and there are a billion pictures of Aria sleeping. They also find that he has a bunch of surveillance equipment. When Jason discovers that his shed has been broken into he clears it out before Spencer and Emily can return.


Aria is confused about her feelings for both Ezra and Jason. After the dinner party she is kind of avoiding Ezra and having sex dreams about both men. Aria is feeling disconnected from Ezra as she realizes how hard it is to have a real relationship with him. Hiding it isn’t fun anymore and she is kind of over it. She tries to reignite the passion by getting it on with Ezra in his office and then having a very high school dinner date with him. But later she runs into Jason on the street and he tells her that he likes her and she only tells him she has a boyfriend after he kisses her.

Hanna and Caleb are back together but Hanna is upset that he is still doing his cellphone business, as if he is a drug dealer. Anytime his cellphone business is brought up it dates the show so much. He couldn’t have this business if the show were being made today. Hanna realizes there is someone watching him who has a file on him. She believes that he is a cop following Caleb for crimes he committed in Allentown. Caleb tells Hanna about his sketchier past when he helped guys launder stolen cars. When she first finds out she is absolutely glowing that he told her this secret which he has never told anyone. But she is afraid that this cop following him means he will run again. She helps him escape the guy in the most dramatic fashion and whisks him away to Spencer’s lake house where they get it on. However, it turns out that the guy is not a cop but a private investigator hired by his mom to find him. At first Caleb doesn’t really know what to do with this information but Hanna encourages him to give her a chance and he calls her. Then immediately decides to fly out to California to meet her in person. He stops by Hanna’s on the way to the airport to tell her and they act like he is leaving for a very long time but in reality it will probably be like a week.

“A” forces a breakup between Emily and Samara. Her sudden exit is likely due to the fact that she had to go be on The Vampire Diaries. But things were going well and Samara introduces Emily to a bunch of her friends. They are having a poker night and it is going really well until A texts Emily that she has to give her number to one of Samara’s friends or A will release her lab results with the HGH. Emily goes about it in the worst way. She could have given all of them her number to make it look like she just wanted to be part of the group. It may have come off as a bit much but she could pass it off as enthusiasm. However, she slips one of them her number while the others are in another room. Samara finds out and breaks up with Emily.


  • We see Hanna’s room for the first time in these episodes.
  • Tom and Isabel sent their save-the-dates out only 6 weeks in advance?
  • Wayne tells the tenants living at the Field’s house that hey are in Rosewood, you don’t really need an alarm. Is he just like not aware of everything that has happened in this town? A young girl murdered?
  • Ezra and Jason have a bro-off during the dinner party. Ezra talks about biking through Ireland and Jason biked the Kona coast.
  • Jason is now a counselor for at-risk youth at Rosewood High.
  • Wren shows up to the House of Hastings with another plant.
  • Wren works at a Rosewood hospital now… of course. He is immediately all up in every bit of that hospital.
  • Hanna had a lot of great lines:
    • “It’s going to be the sleepover that never ends!”
    • “Maybe he was bringing raw meat over for Jenna”
    • “She’s got a hole in her stomach”
    • “So I was telling the patient in 212, I am not shaving that”
  • A-tags:
    • Injecting HGH into Emily’s skin cream
    • Pretending to be a dead body in the morgue
    • Developing photos of Emily and Spencer in Jason’s shed


I didn’t notice too much crazy fashion, by PLL standards at least. Hanna had a hot pink zipper in dress that she wore for most of Episode 8 and then added shades and a scarf when kidnapping Caleb. Spencer wore a horse sweater in Episode 9.

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