‘A’ expands their targets

Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episodes 20-21
Janel Parrish

As we near the end of Season 2, more characters are starting to be clued into the existence of A. Caleb already knows that someone is messing with Hanna and the Liars but he doesn’t know the extent of it. In Episode 21 (“Breaking the Code”) Mona, Ella, and Ashley all either receive or witness messages from A. Mona and Ella also got a message from A in Season 1, but didn’t think much of it at the time. But now that Mona is receiving some legit A torture, Hanna actually starts to give her the time of day. Ella and Ashley both witness A messages and are starting to put the pieces together that someone is messing with the Liars and it may be the source of a lot of their troubles.

The Red Coat

Alex Weed

The Liars go to meet Jonah, the guy whose phone number they found in Ali’s red trench coat. Aria is the one tasked with actually meeting him face to face, in the out-in-the-woods diner where all clandestine meetings happen, while the others hide in the booth next to them. She uses Lolita as her identification, appropriate considering Aria is also into older men. Jonah worked at a cellphone company and Ali came in asking for information. She wanted him to trace the number that she was getting the A texts from and she was going to pay him $2,000 for it. However after he gave her the info, she never paid him. So he is now requiring the Liars to pay him for the same information. Despite their hypothesis that Ali was killed for finding out who A was, they still proceed to try and figure out A’s identity through this guy. However, after getting $2,000 from Spencer’s new brother, all they get in return is an address. The texts came from a burner phone (obviously) so a location is the best he could do. Later, the Liars go to the address and find it is an old law office. Which Hanna later discovers Melissa Hastings worked at while Ali would have been getting these texts.

Hastings Family Drama

Torrey DeVitto

Spencer now has two complicated and mysterious siblings. She questions Jason’s return to Rosewood (he initially left after finding out Peter was his real father) and he tells her he was down in Georgia at his grandmother’s house. While there he found letters from Peter to his mom in one of Ali’s hiding places. There was also $15,000 in cash in there too. He suspects that Ali found out about Peter and Jessica and she was blackmailing him. Spencer asks her father about it and he denies ever giving Ali money, which Spencer for some reason actually believes. Jason of course does not. Peter has zero credibility with him. Spencer believes Ali needed the money because she was afraid of someone and asks Jason for $2,000 so she can found out who it was. He doesn’t even ask questions.

At first, it seems that Spencer and Melissa might actually be getting along for once. Spencer tells Melissa about Jason and they bond over their outrage that this was kept from them. But after Caleb uncovers more of the video from A’s phone, she discovers that Melissa was also in Ali’s room the night she died. She comes in the room angrily shouting “where is she?” before the video cuts out again. Spencer doesn’t want to believe that Melissa could be behind Ali’s death, or be A, but the other Liars easily accept it. Spencer sets up a meet with Melissa, but Melissa ditches her at the last second to go somewhere with Garrett, which she lies about. However, the next day Melissa returns and is ready to talk. She has something she has been wanting to tell Spencer since Ian’s funeral and she is ready to tell her now.

Wilden Creepiness

Bryce Johnson and Yani Gellman

Wilden is back on the Liar’s case and eager to prove they are behind Alison’s death. Or probably anything he could pin on them. He and Officer Garrett try to get into Caleb’s computer when someone hacks into the school’s computers, stealing a bunch of confidential files. It is traced back to Caleb’s IP address. At first Caleb is not concerned, convinced there is no way the idiots at Rosewood PD could get into his computer without the password. But this is obviously an A set up and it requires Hanna to remember a string of numbers and letters to save Caleb. Which she almost doesn’t. Caleb explains his “complicated” password to Hanna which comes out to 422SwSIDaR1105! The letters are for each city he lived in in chronological order. The 1105 is the date that Hanna and Caleb did it for the first time, but he doesn’t explain that one and she has to figure it out for herself while Caleb is at the police station. Apparently she is not as sentimental about the date as Caleb is. But eventually she is able to remotely log into his computer and erase the planted files and all is well.

Wilden though has another victory when he finds security footage of Hanna, Emily, and Spencer in candy striper outfits outside the morgue. So now he thinks they are the ones who stole page 5 of Ali’s autopsy report. He calls Hanna and Ashley down to the station, but not the other girls. Wilden then shows up at the Marin house to “ask Hanna questions” and probably see if he could make another arrangement with Ashley. Though I doubt it would satisfy him enough to let Hanna escape a murder charge.

Speaking of Wilden and Ashley’s previous arrangement, A is not letting it go as easily. Mona starts getting A messages revealing to her the Ashley and Wilden situation, threatening her that if she doesn’t turn herself in for her own shoplifting, they will file Hanna’s unfiled police report. And Ashley’s role in it. This makes Mona have to choose between herself and Hanna’s mom. Which honestly with how Hanna has been treating Mona she probably should have chosen to save herself.


Bianca Lawson

With the exception of Hanna, all the Liars are having a rough love life right now. It is rare times that any of them are feeling good in their relationships, and it is never at the same time. As usual let’s start with the rollercoaster of Ezria. Aria is still using Holden as her decoy so she can meet up with Ezra. Her parents are totally buying it, and Ella is ready to start easing up on her. Byron of course is not. I feel like all of Ella and Byron’s marital problems, aside from Byron’s adultery, are about their kids. They have very different ways of handling conflict. For instance Byron set up Ezra with a job far far away. Ella, though she would probably be happy for Fitz to leave, doesn’t think that running him out of town is the best way to deal with this.

Byron gets a note from A implying that Aria is lying about where she is going and tells him to go to a vegan French bistro that Aria and Ezra are planning to go to. Though through luck, Byron is the one that ends up looking like an idiot when Aria has to cancel her plans at the last minute and Ezra sees Byron from the window, so doesn’t go in.

Ezra is unsure if he is going to take the job offer. He is afraid of not taking it because then Byron will know why. And he is kind of starting to feel like he and Aria should just give up. The very fact that they are having this conversation in a car, in an alley, says it all. Aria though absolutely will not have it. When Ezra kind of sort of tries to break up with her, Aria is a mess and decides to give up any pretense with her parents. Ella starts to feel bad and even sits down with Ezra and Aria to discuss their relationship. Ezra is extremely uncomfortable, Aria is elated.

Emily is also on the verge of losing Maya again. Which at this point she just should let her go, Maya is being super controlling. Her parents found an “old” joint in her things and are threatening to send her back to True North. So she skulks at Emily’s swim party and asks Emily to ditch because she is sad. Then tells her it’s fine before skulking some more. Later she finds Maya lighting up on the Marin’s back porch and Emily realizes she lied about the joint being old. She also gets mad at Maya for lighting up at a house where she is a guest. Maya is mad at Emily for having a life outside of her. She tells Emily she is considering running away to San Francisco rather than go back to True North. They leave things unresolved and Maya won’t return her calls for several days. Then the police show up to talk to Emily about her.

While Emily is waiting to hear from Maya, Paige returns. She is doing better. She has come out to her parents and very much regrets ruining things with Emily. Her hair is also much improved. They do some fundraising together for the swim team and Paige shoots her shot, which Emily understandably is not receptive to.

Spencer is still missing Toby and is using the fact that Wren is obsessed with her for a little rebound. They run into each other at a bar where Spencer is waiting for Melissa, who ditches her. Spencer is sneaking shots in and eventually gets very drunk and VERY flirtatious with Wren. She even makes out with him. Wren is finally getting his opportunity, but he doesn’t want it like this. He may be a creep that likes teenage girls, but he has standards. Spencer spends the night on his couch and sleeps in to the point that Wren has already gone to work and done his shift. But it is only 10 am so it must have been a short shift since he was up late with Spencer. The next morning Wren gets a sober kiss from Spencer before she jets out and a maybe for returning.


  • Holden’s big secret is that he does Tang Soo Do, a form of Korean martial art. His parent’s don’t like him competing so he has to keep it secret. What he doesn’t tell Aria is that he has a heart condition and that is why his parents are against him competing.
  • The Liars fill each other in on the secrets they have been keeping from each other.
    • Hanna never told them about Ashley and Wilden
    • Aria tells them that she and Ezra have been seeing each other – Spencer feels very betrayed. She thought they were going through their heartbreaks together
  • Spencer sees Jason talking to Maya which seems weird but isn’t followed up on in these episodes.
  • Hanna: “Can’t you just go online and do that magic thing where you remotely hack into your computer and erase all the scary bad stuff?”
  • Only Garrett could make Wilden look like a smart cop.
  • “Just Ctrl-A!”
  • A tags
    • Episode 20: Just someone watching Emily talking on the phone
    • Episode 21: A getting some shooting practice in (with Peter’s gun?) and they are a very good shot.


In Episode 21 Aria first wears a giant choker necklace and then later a dress with spikes on the shoulders and a clear belt. And Emily wears a beanie to school, even though it is inexplicably warm all the time in Rosewood, Pennsylvania…

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