“The dark lord will rise again”

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapters 15 and 16

These two chapters are the lead-up to the climax of the book and shit is about to hit the fan really quickly. First, we get our like 10th quidditch match of this book, my only real complain about Prisoner of Azkaban. Harry and the Gryffindors finally win the House cup. Buckbeak’s death sentence ends the fighting amongst the trio. And the students are actually taking their final exams for once.

All book, Hermione has been a stress ball. Wanting to not miss out on any interesting subjects, she signed up for them all, even if she has to bend time and space to do it. I don’t think she quite anticipated all of the homework she would have to do. Even she has her breaking points. The stress is finally catching up to her and she slaps Draco, which is awesome. Then she decides she has had enough of Trelawney’s bullshit and walks out of class. Hermione actually drops a subject.

Despite Hermione’s belief that Trelawney is just a fraud, we find out that she actually has some accurate predictions now and then. She did predict that Hermione would leave class for good around Easter. But in Chapter 16, she has a straight up vision and doesn’t even seem to be aware that it happened. After Harry takes his final exam she goes into a trance and says that Lord Voldemort’s servant will return to his master that night and that they will help Voldemort rise again.

Harry also may have a touch of seer in him. During his exam, though he is making it up mostly, he “sees” Buckbeak flying off free. Trelawney is not impressed by this vision, probably because it is too happy. However, Buckbeak loses his appeal and “dies” at the end of the chapter. It should be noted that we don’t ever see it happen, they just hear the axe.

Just before Buckbeak’s execution, the trio goes to visit Hagrid and Ron finds Scabbers. He tries to take him back to the castle but Scabbers cannot sit still. He is trying to crawl out of Ron’s pockets. It seems that Scabbers was scared off, not eaten up by Crookshanks.

These chapters are really just wrapping up the school year and setting the stage for the truth bombs that will be dropped over the next few chapters. I almost added these in with the last set of chapters but it felt too disconnected. And there will be so much to talk about in the next post that I just left this one pretty thin.

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