‘A’ Lair

Updated through Season 1, Episode 15

Alison’s Disappearance/Death

  • Goes missing labor day weekend during a sleepover in Spencer’s barn
  • Suspects:
    • Toby Cavanaugh – hated Alison after she made him take the fall for Jenna’s accident. His tattoo could refer to Alison’s death.
    • Ian Thomas – Alison was seeing him in secret the summer she disappeared. There is video of them together on the night she disappeared.
  • Spencer potentially the last person to have seen or heard her
  • Her body is found buried in the DiLaurentis yard a year later
  • Alison was seeing an older guy who had a girlfriend that summer (Ian)
  • Her friendship bracelet is found in the woods. How did it get there? (The bracelet they found is a copy, A planted it)
  • What does Alison have on Toby to make him take the fall for The Jenna Thing? (His relationship with Jenna)
  • Toby’s tattoo “901 Free At Last” what does it mean? (Refers to him being free of Jenna not Alison)
  • What did Ali talk to Jenna about when she visited her in the hospital? (UNKNOWN)
  • Who destroyed Alison’s memorial? (Lucas)
  • Who is Ali talking to in the “I know you want to kiss me video?” (Ian)
  • Who took the photo of Ali from her bedroom the night she disappeared? (UNKNOWN)

Who is A?

  • Someone who knows all of the Liar’s secrets and is taunting them with them
  • Suspects (based on the Liar’s theories, not a viewers)
    • Jenna (potentially with Toby’s help). Alison and the other 4 are responsible for blinding Jenna so she certainly as motive to want to get revenge on them. Also she is very perceptive. Because she is blind people underestimate how much she notices.
    • Alison – maybe she isn’t really dead and it is her that is torturing them. We already know that Alison is a great manipulator and all of the secrets that A currently has on them are secrets that only Alison knew about.
    • Noel Kahn – he writes on Ezra’s car “I see you” making Hanna believe that he is A. After she texts the girls that she knows who A is she gets hit with a car. He is also super shady and always around.
  • Did A kill Ms. Potter? (UNKNOWN)